Sunday, May 3, 2009

No Job, Pictures, and Prom!

Well Randy if it makes you happy I am writing in my blog today because I have nothing else to do! This week has been busy and boring (except for Friday and Saturday). I've pretty much just been trying to keep up in school and get good grades even though there really is no point. Wednesday was my last day at Hogi Yogi. We closed down yesterday night. Of course no one knew until that week 4 days before we actually closed! So as for me and Kyler, Jake, Mel, Dillon, Alli, Paris, Blake, Camron and Victoria we are jobless! Tommorow the real hunt begins for Kyler and I we have to go find some kind of income for each of us! Me I need money for things like cell phone bill, college and clothes. Kyler on the other hand with his expensive taste does not have to worry about those things just yet, all he is worried about is his car payment. Friday got a little better (minus the yucky weather) we went out and took prom pictures because we knew we wouldn't have time to do that on Saturday (and we were right as usual!) Tracy, Kim, Kyler and I went to the little park in American Fork (you can see it from the freeway) as we spent our time sitting in "flowers" (weeds) and more "flowers" and jumping off the sides of things giving our seductive looks Kim tried her hardest to give us the best lighting possible with the cloud covered sky and the semi-wet ground. They ended up looking great due to the great picture-taker of all time! Even with out the sun my dress seemed to give it just the right lighting in the end! Saturday I woke up late (of course) Hurried and called Kyler to make sure he was up and going our plans were to meet Shelby, Dalton, Austin, and Stephaine at the high school and head to jump on it for an hour or two then head out to lunch after. We didn't end up to far off the plan we just ended up meeting everyone else at Jump on it and going to subway then we all split off to go pick up our flowers and get ready. My hair appointment was at 2:15 and we were right on time! Kyler, Kim and I went Adrienne's salon and she gave me a wonderful hair-do! Then we had about a hour to a hour and a half to get all ready and met back at the school for group pictures. We were the first ones there we watched as people came in and out in their BIG dresses and the nice tuxes, finally Dalton and Shelby got there and then we sat waiting for Austin and Stephiane. After we took our group pictures Kyler and I headed of the Carrabba's to put our names on the waiting list. After Kyler and I had been there for about 10 mintues the other two couples showed up and we were sitted about 15 more mintues we were seated and it took about 30 to 40 mintues of bread dipped in oil and salads and soups to get our food (which was very good) then we were finally at the dance about 8:45 pm. We danced the night away and talked to our friends. We left the dance around 10:20 and headed out to maggie moo's for some ice cream yet again Kyler and I were the first ones there and everyone else got there just in time before they closed. After eating our ice cream we all departed to our own houses! Good night eh?


  1. Best picture taker of all time??? Oh keep it coming sister!!

    Look how much air you caught off the trampoline... maybe I should bring them to my shoots. Hmmm....