Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What the?!

Have you ever woke up from one of those dreams where you are hurt or paralized and you wonder after you wake up.. what a weird dream?! Well my friends yesterday morning I woke up and my eye was feeling funny but I didn't think anything of it of course! As the morning went on my eye was still bugging me and when I was putting on my make up I accidentally touched my eye and the salt from my finger was burning my eye (still I didn't think anything of it) I kept trying to blink but it wouldn't stop stinging, by now I was thinking eh oh well! But as I was driving to Kyler's house like I do every morning before school I noticed my left eye wasn't closing all the way and that's why I couldn't get my eye to stop stinging. I chuckled to myself and again didn't really think about it besides the fact that I thought it was funny. When I saw Kyler I went "Kyler Kyler!! Look at my left eye! It won't close all the way!" We both just laughed about it and went to school. (this whole time after calling Mckenna we had decided I slept funny and that's what happen). In first period I started to notice I couldn't move the left side of my mouth almost like I had just got back from the dentist. I felt numb! Still I just laughed and told everyone about it! No one really took me seriously until 3rd period when I was talking to my friend and she started to freak out about it and was telling me to leave for the doctors right now and this could be a serious thing, next thing I know eveyone in Student Council was looking at my face wondering what was wrong. So I decided that I better call my mom and tell her about it, she said to wait until after school and we'll go get it looked at. Kyler started to get worried and so we went to his house and Doctor Kim went on the internet and we looked up Palsy after searching for a few mintues we came up to a thing call Bells Palsy where pretty much you have "inability to control facial muscles on the affected side." I thought it was pretty cool I had it because it didn't sound permenate or anything! I called my mom again and told her I better go in aways. So low and behold Ta Da! You have Bells Palsy!! well that's not exactly how the doctor said it but hey I still think it's a pretty funny condition! They gave me some pills to take and said the worst thing should be for me is it might still be here for graduation (which I think would be AWESOME!) But already I am regaining my mouth muscle back (Dang it! I shouldn't have taking the pills right away He He!)

This is during second I'd say probably when it looked the worst (I didn't try to close my eye I didn't want to look too stupid!!)
This is today... after I started take the medication! and later today (got better sooner than hoped :(!!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

No Job, Pictures, and Prom!

Well Randy if it makes you happy I am writing in my blog today because I have nothing else to do! This week has been busy and boring (except for Friday and Saturday). I've pretty much just been trying to keep up in school and get good grades even though there really is no point. Wednesday was my last day at Hogi Yogi. We closed down yesterday night. Of course no one knew until that week 4 days before we actually closed! So as for me and Kyler, Jake, Mel, Dillon, Alli, Paris, Blake, Camron and Victoria we are jobless! Tommorow the real hunt begins for Kyler and I we have to go find some kind of income for each of us! Me I need money for things like cell phone bill, college and clothes. Kyler on the other hand with his expensive taste does not have to worry about those things just yet, all he is worried about is his car payment. Friday got a little better (minus the yucky weather) we went out and took prom pictures because we knew we wouldn't have time to do that on Saturday (and we were right as usual!) Tracy, Kim, Kyler and I went to the little park in American Fork (you can see it from the freeway) as we spent our time sitting in "flowers" (weeds) and more "flowers" and jumping off the sides of things giving our seductive looks Kim tried her hardest to give us the best lighting possible with the cloud covered sky and the semi-wet ground. They ended up looking great due to the great picture-taker of all time! Even with out the sun my dress seemed to give it just the right lighting in the end! Saturday I woke up late (of course) Hurried and called Kyler to make sure he was up and going our plans were to meet Shelby, Dalton, Austin, and Stephaine at the high school and head to jump on it for an hour or two then head out to lunch after. We didn't end up to far off the plan we just ended up meeting everyone else at Jump on it and going to subway then we all split off to go pick up our flowers and get ready. My hair appointment was at 2:15 and we were right on time! Kyler, Kim and I went Adrienne's salon and she gave me a wonderful hair-do! Then we had about a hour to a hour and a half to get all ready and met back at the school for group pictures. We were the first ones there we watched as people came in and out in their BIG dresses and the nice tuxes, finally Dalton and Shelby got there and then we sat waiting for Austin and Stephiane. After we took our group pictures Kyler and I headed of the Carrabba's to put our names on the waiting list. After Kyler and I had been there for about 10 mintues the other two couples showed up and we were sitted about 15 more mintues we were seated and it took about 30 to 40 mintues of bread dipped in oil and salads and soups to get our food (which was very good) then we were finally at the dance about 8:45 pm. We danced the night away and talked to our friends. We left the dance around 10:20 and headed out to maggie moo's for some ice cream yet again Kyler and I were the first ones there and everyone else got there just in time before they closed. After eating our ice cream we all departed to our own houses! Good night eh?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Festival of Colors!

Wow, Festival of Colors was pretty much the funnest thing I have done since our "bubble wrapping Sumo-wrestling". Yesterday Kyler, Mckenna, Jamie, Adam, Hayliee, and I all drove down to Springville to attend the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple Color Festival! We left about 2 pm and and got down there around 4:30 pm! The traffic was horrible! But of course well worth it! We ended up parking about and Mile away! When we got there it was incredible busy we all walked in single file line holding hands trying to stay together. Some how Kyler and I ended up with Jamie while she was trying to find some more of her friends. We ended up at the front of the HUGE line to buy the powder paint so instead of having to wait in line we just bought 20 dollars worth and had everyone pay us back. When we finally meet up with Adam, Mckenna and Hayliee we when out and found a good spot where we at least had room to turn around and talk to each other. All of a sudden people started throwing their powder so all of us started to open our bags and we started to throw McKenna of course was the first one to start freaking out because the powder was in her eyes and in her nose and mouth! We couldn't see anything and then we after about 5 minutes of throwing they told us to stop throwing because they wanted everyone to throw at the same time so Kyler, McKenna, Hayliee and I held hands and started for the middle of the crowd when we got down to the middle we had only a few more minutes before they asked everyone to throw at the same. 1, 2, 3!! We all threw yellow powder at each other and in the air! No one could see! No one could breath! We hurried back up to the top of the hill and waited at the spot we promised everyone we'd meet when it was done! We took a couple of pictures and headed down to the animals there were Lamas, parrots and fish! After looking around Kyler, McKenna, Hayliee, Adam, and I walked back to the car and cleaned our selves off Adam decided to hitch hike a ride to town for reasons who knows! While we waited for Jamie and her friends to finish at the temple the rest of us drove down to a gas station to get a drink to clear our throats. We picked Jamie and Adam up and headed our way home! It was a very exciting day! It end perfectly with a kiss from Kyler!